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Winter Wardrobe

Winter Wardrobe

Kilt Receipt From 1983

Jacobite TartanHow's this for a blast from the past!

A gentleman comes in past the shop yesterday afternoon and he says to me "I got something to show you".

He goes into his wallet and produces an old receipt from 1983 for a kilt he purchased from me.

I remembered who he was and also the tartan he purchased. It was the traditional Jacobite Tartan

We were both equally amazed, he that I remembered him and the kilt that he purchased, and I that he held onto the receipt for that length of time.

I sat him down and poured him a dram and he told me how chuffed he was that I remembered him and that I was still doing the job that I was clearly passionate about.

I am sure he said that he was 89!

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Kilt Receipt


Ex-Rental Casual Kilt Offer

MIllsom and Main have a fantastic offer available on an Ex-Rental Casual Kilt outfit

Great idea for a Sporting Event, Highland Games, Kilt Walk or just being proud of your national costume.

  • Handmade Ex-Hire Kilt (selected tartans) £185.00
  • New Brown Kilt Boots £105.00
  • New Kilt Hose £12.95
  • Ex-Hire Sporran £65.00
  • Montrose Kilt Belt & Buckle £36.50


*TOTAL PRICE £299.00*

Come to visit us at 41 Union Terrace in the heart of Aberdeen today to arrange a fitting 

Ex-Rental Casual Kilt Offer



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