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The MacGregor - Royal is my Race

Imagine that you have lived somewhere for years and believed that your home was your home and had been in your family since time immemorial.

Now try to imagine someone knocking at your door and telling you to get out as this is no longer your home.

This is basically what happened to the Clan MacGregor.

The MacGregor has long claimed descent from Griogar, third son of King Alpin and younger brother of Kenneth MacAlpine.

The Clan's motto would certainly back up that claim 'Royal is my Race'.

Originally the MacGregors settled in Glenorchy and held considerable lands there.

The MacGregor claimed these lands through first occupation and held them without any Royal Charters.

The MacGregors neighbours were Campbells and it didn't take long for this clan to exert their power and claim the lands held by MacGregor through charters obtained from the crown (maybe this was the introduction of the famous brown envelope) and the spiralling of the Clan MacGregor was initiated.

The McGregors then came into conflict with the Colquhouns, who held the King's Commission, and at Glen Fruin in 1603 a full-on scrap ensued with the Colquhouns losing over two hundred men.

The persecution of the MacGregors continued with the Government deciding to outlaw the name of MacGregor. So, you've lost yer hoose, yer name and yer self-respect, fit ye gan tae dee?

The MacGregors basically scattered to other parts of the country using names such as Gregor, Gregory, Greig, Grierson, Grigor, Gruer, King, Maconachie, MacPetrie, Pattullo, Peters, Skinner, Stalker, Walker and Whyte and many, many more.

One of the most famous MacGregors Rob Roy (Red Robert) changed his name to Robert Campbell! Would you believe it he used the name of his clans' persecutors?

Campbell was in fact his mother's family name, she was the daughter of Archibald Campbell of Glenlyon and sister to Robert Campbell aka 'The butcher' who commanded the Massacre of Glencoe in 1692, but that's a story for another time.

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