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Bennachie Tartan Kilt


Inspired by our culture and surroundings, Millsom and Main are proud to present our new Bennachie tartan for 2017

From Mithers Tap (The summit of Bennachie) Aberdeenshire, it's clear to see a tartan landscape called Bennachie.

Green fields tinged with yellow flowers, blue skies and wild life. 

This is a new tartan design from Millsom and Main in keeping with our current local designs 

bennachie tartan

The new Bennachie tartan is now available to hire. We also have a Mallard Green Tweed Jacket and Waistcoat to compliment this beautiful new design 

For more information or to arrange your fitting, contact the team at Millsom and Main today 

made in scotland stampSTA-Crest-member-Hi