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2016 Review

Well folks it’s this time of year again, and how this year has flown by. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers home and abroad for supporting us this year.

Merry Christmas 2016Again, we have had some tremendous support not only here in Aberdeen but from places as far afield as Calabasas in California, Camp Verde in Arizona, Nova Scotia in Canada, Oslo in Norway and many more.

The reason we have mentioned these guys is that they purchased kilt outfits because of their love for this country of ours, not necessarily having any Scottish roots, to us that’s special.

Obviously, we plied them with a good Scottish malt to help them with their decision!

The customer from Camp Verde received his parcel just the other day and he was so looking forward to receiving it before Xmas, this is part of the email he sent:

“Hi There Scot, thank you so much for the Christmas miracle! The goods arrived and all are works of art. You have made some people very happy.” (Jim Hisrich, Camp Verde, Arizona)

As you are aware we take a great deal of pride in our business and it’s always our intention to provide good service, good quality product within a warm and friendly environment.

This year’s wedding season again was very busy and I am sure if you passed by the shop after 17:30 any evening during the week the lights were still on.

Yes, we were still there Steaming (not drunk), Pressing, Brushing and Polishing, it’s just what we do to try and ensure that our grooms look their best on arguably the biggest day of their lives.

We met most of the brides and I can tell you they were absolutely stunning, 2016 will go down as a good year.

So, that little extra work of an evening was to ensure that when dad took his little girl down the aisle he would have no hesitation giving her hand away.

So from all at Millsom & Main, Scot, David, Sheena, Bill & Ben (no, not the flower pot men) we wish you a very Merry Xmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and we look forward to being of some service to you throughout 2017.

Thank you again

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