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Handmade Kilts

Set6-4 (Copy)A beautifully hand tailored kilt complimented with a beautifully tailored jacket and waistcoat finished with accessories specially chosen to enhance your outfit for that special occasion.

Millsom & Main have been creating, designing and manufacturing your ideas for over 20 years.

With over 700 hundred tartans to choose from (all woven in Scotland) in Clan, Family or District tartans.

Millsom & Main can help you make the right choice in selecting your tartan and with expert product and fitting knowledge Millsom & Main ensure that you purchase a full Highland Dress outfit with confidence.

For more information or to arrange a consultation and fitting, contact the team at Millsom & Main 



Medium Weight Kilting Fabric

Our medium weight range of tartan fabric consists of over 200 authentic tartans (400-415gm per linear metre 54" wide)

Although this quality fabric is traditionally a kilting fabric and used for making bespoke tailored goods it is also highly recommended for soft furnishings, upholstery, curtains, cushions, covers for sofas & chairs and men's tartan trousers(trews)

To discuss your made-to-measure medium weight kilt, please contact the team at Millsom & Main today

medium weight macdonald tartan kilt


Heavy Weight Kilting Fabric 

Our heavy weight range of tartan consists of over 500 authentic tartans woven in Scotland. 

Whilst we try hard to ensure that all the tartans are available from stock, there may be some that have not been woven for some time and therefore, may have to be woven specially.

This quality of fabric is the heaviest in our range and is considered by many be to the best kilting fabric in Scotland and is the fabric of choice for many kiltmakers world wide. 

To discuss your made-to-measure heavy weight kilt, please contact the team at Millsom & Main today 

HIghland Cathedral Tartan


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