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The MacGregor - Royal is my Race

Imagine that you have lived somewhere for years and believed that your home was your home and had been in your family since time immemorial.

Now try to imagine someone knocking at your door and telling you to get out as this is no longer your home.

This is basically what happened to the Clan MacGregor.

The MacGregor has long claimed descent from Griogar, third son of King Alpin and younger brother of Kenneth MacAlpine.

The Clan's motto would certainly back up that claim 'Royal is my Race'.

Originally the MacGregors settled in Glenorchy and held considerable lands there.

The MacGregor claimed these lands through first occupation and held them without any Royal Charters.

The MacGregors neighbours were Campbells and it didn't take long for this clan to exert their power and claim the lands held by MacGregor through charters obtained from the crown (maybe this was the introduction of the famous brown envelope) and the spiralling of the Clan MacGregor was initiated.

The McGregors then came into conflict with the Colquhouns, who held the King's Commission, and at Glen Fruin in 1603 a full-on scrap ensued with the Colquhouns losing over two hundred men.

The persecution of the MacGregors continued with the Government deciding to outlaw the name of MacGregor. So, you've lost yer hoose, yer name and yer self-respect, fit ye gan tae dee?

The MacGregors basically scattered to other parts of the country using names such as Gregor, Gregory, Greig, Grierson, Grigor, Gruer, King, Maconachie, MacPetrie, Pattullo, Peters, Skinner, Stalker, Walker and Whyte and many, many more.

One of the most famous MacGregors Rob Roy (Red Robert) changed his name to Robert Campbell! Would you believe it he used the name of his clans' persecutors?

Campbell was in fact his mother's family name, she was the daughter of Archibald Campbell of Glenlyon and sister to Robert Campbell aka 'The butcher' who commanded the Massacre of Glencoe in 1692, but that's a story for another time.

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The Highly Skilled Art of Kiltmaking

The art of kiltmaking involves more than sewing together the cloth.

The art of kiltmakingThe huge length between 8 and 11 yards depending on the size of the man – must be pleated to look like a plain piece of tartan.

The kilt is made with two overlapping aprons of plain tartan on the front, while the material is pleated all-round the back to give the same appearance as the plain tartan in front.

The 'sett', the pattern repeat, varies from tartan to tartan; the sett on the tartan for a child's kilt may be 3.5 ", on a woman's 5.5", on a man's 6.5", so folding needs great care and planning.

The quality of a kilt lies in the depth of the pleat. In addition to matching the pattern, the kilt must follow the contours of the body so that when it is worn it hangs straight with no sagging at the back.

Once pleated, the cloth is then hand-sewn, then the extra cloth at the back is cut away.

Binding is put on to strengthen the structure, then heavy canvas, and extra strengthening is stitched round areas of strain where the belt and buckle are.

The straps are stitched on by hand, and a black lining and quality buckles are added. The fringing down the front edge is usually double but can be triple.

Medium Weight (£399.00)

A crisper handling medium weight kilt fabric, a speciality for kilts, traditional trews or for a more casual approach to kilts. Available in a collection of over 200 stock supported tartans we aim to ensure all are in stock or in the process of being made to replenish stocks.

Fabric Details:

Composition: 100% Pure New Wool

Weight: 400/410gms per metre (13oz per linear yard)

Width: 140cm (54")

Care Instructions: Dry or Steam Clean Only

Heavy Weight (£456.00)

Our heavy weight kilt fabric is firm and durable, has an excellent swing and it is ideal for kilts and has also been used to great effect in many other applications. Considered by many to be the premium kilt fabric, it is available in a collection of over 500 stock supported tartans. We aim to ensure all are in stock or in the process of being made to replenish stocks.

Fabric Details:

Composition: 100% Pure New Wool

Weight: 490/500gms per metre (16oz per linear yard)

Width: 140cm (54")

Care Instructions: Dry or Steam Clean Only.

For more information about our kilts or the Art of Kiltmaking, contact the team at Millsom & Main today 


2019 - A New Year & Hopefully A Guid Year

Happy New Year 2019

Welcome to 2019 and may we take this opportunity to wish you health & happiness for the coming year and beyond. 2019 promises to be another exciting year at Millsom & Main with the introduction of a new collection at the forefront of our business calendar.

We would also like to thank everyone who supported us last year, your business was very much appreciated. Again, we saw an increase in the number of overseas visitors to our shop, so we would also like to thank them for their valuable support.

As a small family business our emphasis is always to provide good service, good quality product within a warm and friendly environment.

We endeavour to do everything we can to meet our customers needs and provide them with expert knowledge and experience to enable them to make the right choices when purchasing or hiring from Millsom & Main.

So please do not hesitate to contact us for information on any of the products or services we provide.

May 2019 bring you health, happiness and prosperity.

Scot Millsom

Millsom & Main, Aberdeen


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