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Merry Christmas

The team at Millsom & Main want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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Merry Christmas From Millsom & Main

What a 2017 it's been!

We've have been able to help more people with their kilt hire and highland wear requirements than ever before

From this we've had people visiting us from across the world to buy our tailored kilt outfits and the feedback and pictures of their special occasions have been excellent to see!

Have a fantastic festive period and a brilliant New Year

We look forward to seeing you in 2018!

To beat the rush, organise your 2018 kilt fitting now


Bonnie Prince Charlie Plaid

Would you pay £3000 for a tartan sample?

Well somebody did! 

Recently a sample of tartan gifted by Bonnie Prince Charlie to Lady Anne Mackintosh was sold at auction in Edinburgh for £3000.

The sample of tartan measures around 30cm wide and has been given on long term loan to the Scottish Tartans Authority after is was purchased by a supporter of the organisation. 

If you wish to order a sample of tartan from Millsom and Main, we promise not to price match! 

To arrange your tartan consultation, contact the team at Millsom and Main today 

moyhall tartan sample


Ex Kilt Hire Sale 2017

Kilt Ex Hire Sale 2017Millsom & Main are delighted to announce our 2017 Ex Kilt Hire Sale

Thursday 26th - Saturday 28th October 2017

Even though our kilts are ex hire, they are in perfect condition.

Every time Millsom & Main sell an ex hire kilt, it is steam cleaned and has it's pleats repressed and basted to ensure it looks the part.

Most Kilts available will be no older than 2 years old and priced at £165 (all handmade 8 yards heavy weight) 

We also have ex hire Jackets and Waistcoats (both Dress Argyll and Tweed Argyll From £95) Sporrans (From £35) and Shoes (From £25). We also have a casual brown kilt boot available  on sale from £95 down to £55

Our ex hire sale will give you the chance to purchase a full kilt outfit at a competitive price.

We invite our existing customers the chance to view and purchase early. Available from Thursday 21st September.

For more information about our Ex Hire Sale, contact the team at Millsom & Main today


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