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Kilt Sales Frequently Asked Questions

With Millsom and Mains experience and expertise, the team are here to answer all your kilt purchase questions




Most people will go for the tartan that is associated with their surname.

You can also choose a district tartan if your name has a regional association.




According to the Scot’s Kith & Kin the following tartans can be worn if there is no association:

  • Black Watch
  • Hunting Stewart
  • Caledonia
  • Jacobite


We also stock a range of our own tartans which have no clan or family affiliation such as:

Dark Lochnagar, Scotland the Brave, Grey Crombie, Rubislaw, Rose of Aberdeen, Bennachie and Balgownie.




We would normally use 7.4 meters/8 yards of fabric.

However, this can vary according to the measurements of the individual and also the size of the sett.




The delivery time can vary depending on the time of year however, we would suggest you allow approximately 6-8 weeks.

If the tartan fabric is not available from stock the delivery date can be up to 12 weeks.




Depending on the fabric and also the yardage, a made to measure kilt starts at £399.00.




In terms of the weight of the fabric this is purely your choice.

Whether you use medium or heavy both fabrics will make a beautiful traditional handmade kilt.

However, the heavier fabric does tend to make the kilt sit that little bit better at the back.




Yes, a kilt can be pleated to the sett (which follows the pattern of the tartan) or to the stripe (following a particular stripe in the tartan).

A kilt can also be made with Box Pleats or Knife Edge Pleats.

All forms of pleating are discussed and demonstrated during the initial stages of your purchase.



In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact the team at Millsom and Main today.

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