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The true making of Highland Dress is a highly expert business, and for this reason Aberdeen kilt hire specialists, Millsom & Main devote specialised attention to it. Our Highland Wear & Dress Hire departments are complete and efficient in every way, so much so that when even the most elaborate costume is required Millsom & Main are in a position to supply it complete to the smallest detail.

There are many styles of Highland Dress and it is generally agreed that for most occasions there is no other form of dress more attractive. So whether you are attending a Wedding, Formal Dinner or even supporting the national cause at a sporting venue, the kilt has an appeal unachieved by any other dress, and in an effort to simplify selection of the various styles this website has been designed.

If any questions are left unanswered, or require special advice at any point, you are cordially invited to send us your enquiry which will have immediate attention.